A Unique Business Opportunity Created

By Eskom 

Build a profitable business as you help people solve their power crisis!

Discover How To Build A Profitable Business from Home

The key to creating a successful business is having a brilliant product that the market needs. 

As Eskom collapses this presents a huge opportunity for you to help people to replace Eskom in their homes and businesses with a Solar Power Plant.  


Current Eskom Crisis Presents A Massive Business Opportunity

Every South African knows the pain of load-shedding! This was the first wave of the collapse of Eskom.

The bigger wave is going to be the massive price increases as electricity costs are set to more than double in the next 4-5 years.

Expect electricity prices to double in the next five years, says former Eskom consultant

Former Eskom consultant Matthew Cruise expects electricity prices to double in South Africa over the next five years as the state power utility continues to struggle to keep the lights on.

The consultant predicts that the price of electricity will double over the next five years, as will load shedding. 

Cruise said that in 2021, the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) hiked electricity prices by an average of 17.9%.

He said this will take place every year – “you will have a more than inflation-based increase for Eskom…and then the municipalities will also want an increase,” he said.

In 2022, the average increase in electricity is 17.1%.Cruise said that if you have an average increase of 15% over the next five years, 

“it actually effectively doubles the price of electricity”. “If you are paying R2,000 for electricity now, you may be paying R4,000 in the next five years.”

Quote from article in businesstech.co.za

That means in the next ten years if Eskom stays as corrupt and incompetent as it is your electricity bill will go up 400% in 10 years.

Can you imagine trying to pay 4 times the amount you are currently paying for electricity? 

The average electricity bill in South Africa is around R2500 per month for a family of 4. 

This means that within the next 8 to 10 years the average electricity bill is going to be about R10 000 per month if it the price of electricity doubles every 4 to 5 years. 

That is if Eskom's grid doesn't collapse in the mean time as they have no plans to build extra power stations and the power stations they have currently are falling apart and are being sabotaged daily. 

How much do you trust Eskom with your future?

How much do South Africans trust Eskom with their future?

Time For South African's To Generate Their Own Electricity 

Most South Africans are only worried about loadshedding but a far larger wave of price increases is heading our way and we need to make plans to generate our own power through solar power solutions 

The only Solution for South Africans is to become energy independent as far as possible and the only viable way is through Solar Power Solutions. 

Business Opportunity for you

This current crises presents a huge business opportunity for you in your town.

You can be on the cutting edge or providing effective high quality Solar Power Solutions for homes and businesses. 

Every home needs to have a solar system that takes them off the Eskom grid. 

Every business needs a solar power solution so that they save a fortune in money and can keep operating during load-shedding.

It costs a small business thousands a month in down time due to loadshedding.  

You can now position yourself in your community to provide the best solar solutions for homes and business and earn thousands in the process. 

Huge Market Potential in Africa

Africa owns 40% of the globe's potential for solar power yet it only inhabits 1.48% of the total global capacity for electricity generation of solar energy 

(IRENA “Renewable Capacity Statistics”, 2021)

Time to make money out of Eskom!

This is now the time for you to make money as Eskom goes from bad to worse. 

Everytime the lights go out Eskom is marketing for you!

Everyone needs a power solution, and now you can help them.  

We provide reliable, affordable power backup systems for

Home, Office, Factory, Farm, Residential Complex, School and even Towns.

What we do

Solar Power For Homes, Offices, Factories, Hotels Farms.

We design and optimise Solar Power Plants for home and commercial use to replace the power grid for good.


Our mission is to provide the most cost effective and efficient alternative power solutions to help our clients move away from total reliance on the national power grid,

Our Products

We only supply the worlds best quality solar power brands to enable our clients to generate their own electricity

Solar Panels - Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar is backed with a 20 year plus warranty.

Canadian Solar is one of the top 5 solar panel manufacturers in the world. Over the past two decades, Canadian Solar has become a global leader in solar energy and energy storage solutions.

Sunsynk Batteries and Inverters

We supply the “Mercedes of inverters and batteries”. When matched with Sunsynk with each other they are backed with a ten-year extended warranty.

Sunsynk, established 20 years ago is a prolific global brand, specialising in cutting-edge solar storage solutions to 40 countries.

Solar Panels - JA Solar

JA SOLAR backed with a 20 year warranty.

JA Solar is a manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic products.

With 12 manufacturing bases and more than 20 branches around the world, the company's business covers silicon wafers, cells, modules and photovoltaic power stations.

solar for your home

Harnessing Solar Power For Profit and Convenience For Your Clients

Main Benefits For Your Clients

Overcome loadshedding, and extended power blackouts while avoiding spiraling electricity costs by replacing Eskom as your clients exclusive power supplier.

Make a Profit Out of Power

Turn 95% of your clients electricity bill into profit with a week or so. These profits grow each year as Eskom's tariffs skyrocket. 

Eliminate loadshedding 

With our well designed Solar solutions your clients will not have to worry about loadshedding again. 

Eliminate power blackouts

Your clients will also be protected from power blackouts due to cable theft and grid failures. 

Save on ever increasing Power Bills

As prices continue to escalate your clients are no longer linked to this inflation. 

Excellent ROI

Due to the efficient nature of our power plants you clients will receive exceptionally high returns on their investment. 

Plus the payback period for the system will be very soon.

Save the environment

You client will also have the peace of mind that they are contributing to saving the environment. 

 what we offer 

Being an agent

  • Essentially being an agent for Power In A Box means you can earn a great deal of money by getting leads for your local Franchise. 
  • You will earn a commission of 3.7% of sales. Which means on the average deal for a home you will earn around R5 550 
  • If you work a normal day getting leads your earning potential is around R30 000 to R60 000 per month
  • All you need to do is get leads and pass on their details to your local Franchise. Then the Franchise will do a comprehensive presentation and power proposal giving your clients the best solution. 
  • Your responsivity is quiet simply getting leads and passing them on to your Franchise then following up once the proposal has been presented to your client. 

Benefits of being an Agent? 

How much Commission?

Your commission will be 3.7% of Net sales value.

You can earn between R25 000 to R60 000 per month.

Paid Monthly

Your commission will be paid monthly. 

Agent Training

We provide effective training and coaching to help you become a highly profitable agent. 

Introduction Commission?

Earn commision when introducing us to new agents.

Customer Upgrades

Earn commission on all your customer upgrades.  

Who is this for?

If you battling to make ends meet?

Or you need need to earn a very good income then this business opportunity is for you. for a very small investment you can start within a week from today. 

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Part timers
  • Stay at home moms
  • Sales Reps

What We offer Our Agents

Brilliant Products

We supply the best products for our clients which is the Mercedes of solar solutions Sunsynk an international Company. Their equipment carry a 10 year warranty by an international company.

No cheap and nasty solutions and home made batteries and inverters with no guarantee for our clients.

Training and Coaching

We provide sales training and coaching for each of our agents.

We coach you to achieve your financial goals with professional ongoing training to hone your skills. 

Earning Potential

Working a normal 8 hour day you should earn between R30 000 to R60 000 per month.

You only get the leads and our qualified franchisee will do the power assessment and proposal for you. 

Therefore your focus in only get the leads and not learning the complexity of the products etc. 

Extra Earnings Potential

The sky is the limit as far as earning potential.

We offer each agent an opportunity to buy a Power in Box Franchise for an area. 

Steps and Conditions to becoming an agent

Please follow the next steps to become an agent

Step 1

Apply online

Apply online by clicking the button below.

Step 2

Fill in Agent Agreement and make payment

Fill in the form and pay for your starter pack and send your application form together with your proof of payment to our offices. 

Starter Pack is only R1300 once off.

Starter Pack: 

The starter pack consists of 500 personalised glossy leaflets, plus 2 A3 size car magnets signs to kick start the agents’ sales. 

Step 3

Collect Starter Pack

Once you have been accepted you will be contacted to collect your starter pack. 

Step 4

Start Training and Selling

Once you have your starter pack your training will commence making money. 

Solar Power For Homes and Commercial 

We focus on:




We provide top quality solar solutions for homes and commercial operations that will guarantee large savings, quality components and no more loadshedding

solar for your home

Solar Solutions

Our team

A Bsc Eng graduate from Witwatersrand University.

MD and owner of Targer Realty (PTY) LTD, a specialist Sandton based townhouse real estate agency that focusses on serving the needs of residential property investors.

Targer Properties engage in Sales, Leasing, Maintenance and Property Management.

Co-founder of Organic Growth, a Buy-To-Let property investment company.

Neil Vorster


Warren is a serial Entrepreneur.

Founder of Inspirations Marketing that helps entrepreneurs to experience breakthrough sales through innovative marketing strategies. He is a business coach and mentor and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs become successful.

Co-founder of Organic Growth, a Buy-To-Let property investment company.

Founder of Lion Brands a consumer products manufacturer in the Health Care and Home Care markets.

Warren Horak



What our clients say

Rated 5 stars  out of 5  based on all reviews

After multiple hours of power outages when my non-profit organisation could not function, power in a box has completely changed my experience of loadshedding.
Now when the power goes out, the UPS kicks in immediately, keeping the WiFi, my laptop and our lights on and running seamlessly.
Since I got a power in the box, it is finally business as usual no matter what Eskom throws at us!

Robyn Wolfson


So glad I bought the Power in a Box.

I work from home and live in a townhouse. Loadshedding is a real problem and I would be lost without my nifty inverter.

When loadshedding hits my area I don't have to worry anymore, I carry on working.



Awesome product!! That changed the way my family feels about loadshedding!!

 Thank you so much for this awesome unit!!

Raeesah Russon-Le Roux



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