Backup Power Supply for your home

By Neil Vorster

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Backup Power Supply for your home is essential now that Eskom has given us a 100% Black  Friday Special

The standard installation for a small home is a 5kw Inverter or an 8kw Inverter with 8 to 12 Solar Panels and a 5kwh Lithium Battery. 

Many hundreds of homeowners have installed this combo which  costs between R 140 000 and R200 000 depending on who your installer is.

I really feel for the townhouse dweller or flat dweller who needs a backup power supply and they are not able to install solar panels. For them the weeks ahead are dark .

We also wanted to come up with a much more affordable solution for the people who want to get on with their lives but simply do not have R 200 000 lying around

We have come up with an inverter  solution under R30 000 for people who cannot install solar power for whatever reason, but still want to get on with life as normal. We call it the Power Wall.

The Power Wall comprises  a 3kw inverter and a 2.56kwh Lithium battery which installs in a townhouse in 2 hours.

Our electrician (or yours) will install the PowerWall next to your db board, much like a prepaid meter. He will attach the PowerWall to your lighting circuits for your entire house  and the plugs of your choice. ( Your kitchen appliances and your Tv plug would be my first prize). 

NOTE : The PowerWall is not suited to heaters and geysers, they simply use too much power.  

If you do your cooking and heating by gas and depend on the patches of power between loadshedding  to heat your geyser, PowerWall will enable you to live you life pretty normally.

How long does the Power last?

The PowerWall will keep your lights, PC and TV, fridge and kitchen appliances (the occasional cup of tea) going  for about 5 or 6 hours and will recharge automatically in about 1 hour once the power comes back on.

How long will it take to recharge the battery?

An empty battery should recharge in about an hour when the grid power is restored. If you choose to link up Solar Panels to get free electricity, ( we love that) then your recharging time will depend on the sunlight available and the number of panels you have installed. 

SOLAR CHARGING : If you install 2 X 550 W panels, they will take around 2.5 hours to fully charge your PowerWall battery during full sunlight. 

How much will it cost?

At the time of writing this article ( November 2023) , the PowerWall costs R 27 969 plus approximately R 2000 for installation by a qualified electrician. (your electrician or ours) .  

Loadshedding is here to stay, in fact it is going to get worse.

Can we get "The Good Old" days back again? 

Remember the days when you could walk into a room and hit the light switch without thinking "Are we being shed? "

PowerWall will give you instant Backup Power Supply for your home and those days will be back again.

Beat load shedding stress today, order your PowerWall today for under R 30 000 installed.  ( click here for PowerWall )  

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Neil Vorster

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