We slash your electricity by an incredible 100% – and we're the only provider that guarantees these savings from day one.

If you have solar already and want to save 100% we have you covered with our 300 SLR conversion kit. 

No More Load Shedding

Our state-of-the-art solar technology ensures uninterrupted power, 24/7, eliminating the inconvenience of load shedding.

New Technology

Don't settle for temporary fixes from other providers. We've created a new solution that's both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. 

100% Savings - Day One

Embrace the future of solar energy with the only system that's guaranteed to deliver 100% savings and freedom from load shedding.

Sunsynk 300 SLR Range

Find a model that best suits your energy needs and budget. Unsure of which is best for you?

Contact us for a free power assessment and quote. 

Sunsynk 300 SLR - 40/0

Gives you a 40% savings guaranteed.

Sunsynk 300 SLR - 70/40

Gives you a 70% savings guaranteed.

Sunsynk 300 SLR - 90/60

Gives you a 90% savings guaranteed. 

Sunsynk 300 SLR - 100/100 

Gives you a 100% savings guaranteed. 

Steps to how we work

Step 1 - Contact us for assessment

You can contact us by WhatsApp here or our contact form here or by email at sales@powerinabox.co.za
We will then set up a free assessment of your system so we can design a brand new system of give your 300 SLR conversion to your existing Solar System.  

Step 2 - We give you a free quote 

We will give you a quote with guaranteed savings based on our assessment and our 300 SLR design specifications.  

Step 3 - Installation of SLR Conversion

Our expert installers will install your system within 7-10 working days of order placed. 
Now you will start saving thousands of rands from day one!  

300 SLR Conversion

Already have Solar but not saving 90% on your electricity?

Got solar and still paying Eskom a fortune? Something is horribly wrong.

Upgrade your existing solar system with our groundbreaking 300 SLR Conversion.

From only R4,900.

Get guaranteed savings from day one. 

Save hundreds of thousands in the coming years. 

Get a Free Assessment

Contact your Power In A Box agent today, for a free power assessment from our solar experts.

Receive your no obligation quote for guaranteed savings.

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Brilliant Business Opportunity

The failure of Eskom has opened up a business opportunity of a life time. You can become an agent or own a Franchise selling solar.