Making Loadshedding History

By Neil Vorster

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Make Loadshedding  your personal History

Loadshedding, its on the lips of everyone everywhere. 

Load shedding is having a significant and adverse impact on South Africans in many ways.
  1. Load shedding disrupts daily life, causing inconvenience and frustration. Scheduled power outages mean that work is disrupted, you are unable to cook meals, use appliances, do your homework, access the internet.
  2. Small businesses: Load shedding has a significant impact on businesses, with power outages causing disruption to everyday work activities. When the power dips, so does your productivity and you lose income.
  3. Security:  Load shedding can result in increased crime as security systems, alarms and streetlights are disrupted.
  4. Health concerns: Load shedding can affect life-saving medical equipment like respirators for the sick frail and aged.
  5. Loss of perishable goods: How much food have you lost due to loadshedding ?
  6. Emotional stress: Load shedding causes emotional stress, with people feeling anxious and uncertain about when power will be restored, how to meet deadline, how to finish your homework causing a sense of powerlessness and helplessness.
  7. It is essential to address the Loadshedding problem as it is here for the foreseeable future, I am afraid.

The Solution to Loadshedding

So what are the options for a household or a small business ?  What if you work from home, since so many South Africans are working from home or running a small business from home.

The obvious solution is to install a substantial solar power system and get off the grid completely, get control back and stop being subject to the dreadful inefficiencies and inconvenience of Loadshedding. But unfortunately for most South Africans, this costs a small fortune upwards of R400 000.

A phased approach

Step 1

Load-shed proof your home office, your students, your entertainment like TV and internet.

Get a Power In A Box – Home and Student  UPS. Its a great cost effective solution, which stays plugged into the grid while supplying you power that is uninterrupted when loadshedding kicks in.

This short video demonstrates the capabilities of Power In A Box, and as providence would have it, I was loadshed while filming which provided a great live demonstration of the system.  

Step 2

Purchase a single solar panel sized between 200 and 350 Watts and plug  it directly into your Power in A Box. 5 or 6 hours in full sun is enough to keep your battery charged and supply you with electricity all day. This will take your basic home office/entertainment/student essentials completely off the Grid.

To order your Power in a Box, simply whatsapp Neil 0824444034 and provide your delivery/collection details and we will send you a proforma invoice for payment to confirm your order. 

Your delivery options are:

Collections: In person or by Uber from our Sandton office. Corner Republic and Woodlands Ave, Hurlingham, Sandton

Courier:  Please email your delivery details to obtain a quote you on delivery cost.

About the author

Property Investment Coach
Off The Grid Power consultant
BSc Eng - (Wits) 1985

Neil Vorster

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