Lesson 4 - How to speak to and close prospects


In this training, you will learn effective strategies to engage potential clients in conversations about the Eskom crisis and the benefits of switching to solar power.

The goal is to guide prospects from initial interest to setting up a meeting where their energy needs can be assessed and addressed with a solar solution.

Conversation Starters

1. Eskom Crisis Discussion

Starter Questions:
- "What do you think of the Eskom crisis, do you think that Eskom will come right or fail?"

- "How would you like to save 100% of your electricity every month and have no more loadshedding?"

- Allow the prospect to voice their concerns or opinions about Eskom.
- Add your comments to keep the conversation flowing.

2. Highlighting Future Costs

Key Statement:
- "Did you hear that your Eskom bill is going double in the next 4 years and then again in the next 4 - 5 years?"

- Ask about their current electricity costs.
- Illustrate potential future costs if they continue with Eskom (e.g., R2000 now could become R4000 in 4-5 years and R8000 in 8-10 years).

Promoting Solar Savings

Key Argument:
- Explain that the money currently spent on Eskom could pay off a solar system, leading to free electricity in the future.

Closing Statement:
- "Solar power is reliable and Free from the Sun. All you need to do is harness it."
- "How would you like us to replace Eskom and give you a guaranteed saving of 100% on your electricity every month?"

Setting Up a Meeting
- Propose a 30-minute Zoom call with a design expert to assess their needs and discuss the best solar solutions.
- Emphasize the benefits of never worrying about paying for electricity stressing about loadshedding again.

Addressing Existing Solar Users

If they say they they already have solar

1. Initial Question:
- "Are you still paying for electricity?"
2. If They Are Paying:
- Explain that if their bill hasn’t dropped by at least 90%, there might be a problem with their system.
- Offer to help them save 100% of their original bill before their solar installation.
3. Offer Assessment:
- Provide a free assessment of their existing solar system to show how they can save more money.
4. Scheduling a Meeting:
- Ask for their availability (e.g., this week or next, Monday or Wednesday, morning or evening).

Boom... you now have a meeting set up.

All you need to send us is their contact details, 

Name surname, email, cell, physical address and one months usage or electricity bill any comments

Email this to sales@powerinabox.co.za or WhatsApp at 082 444 4034

Now we will set up an Zoom call with them to access their needs and give them a quote. 


By following these steps, you will be able to effectively engage with prospects, highlight the financial benefits of switching to solar power, and set up meetings to provide personalized solutions.

This approach not only addresses their immediate concerns but also positions solar power as a long-term solution to rising electricity costs and loadshedding issues.

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